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  NIC Date / Time Alert City State Type Dispatcher
Zoom 19-6628 08-23-2019 15:14 EDT U/D Heavy fire 2 1/2 story wood frame 30x50. fire floors 1 and 2. halifax MA 2ND ALARM PCFN14
Zoom 19-6627 08-23-2019 15:04 EDT Heavy fire in a large dwelling. m/a to the scene. halifax MA 2ND ALARM PCFN14
Zoom 19-6626 08-23-2019 15:01 EDT smoke and fire showing on arrival from a dwelling. halifax MA W/F PCFN14
Zoom 19-6625 08-23-2019 14:41 EDT 2 CAR MVA at Four Corners. AMBS TX 2. Rt 114/11 Intersection Closed. NHDOT Notified. New London NH MVA W/ SERIOUS INJ NEFN58
Zoom 19-6624 08-23-2019 13:17 EDT Male subj. pulled from Bretton Pond. EMS O/S CPR in prog. ME Warden Svc O/S. Livermore ME WATER RESCUE NEFN58
Zoom 19-6623 08-23-2019 13:11 EDT tier 1 response for a mercury spill Sudbury MA HAZMAT INCIDENT PCFN14
Zoom 19-6622 08-23-2019 10:16 EDT Cos. on scene w/fully involved 2.5 story wood frame structure fire. M/A to scene and to cover. Putnam CT W/F NEFN67
Zoom 19-6621 08-23-2019 10:15 EDT dwelling fire. s/c extra ladder. lowell MA W/F PCFN14
Zoom 19-6620 08-23-2019 9:58 EDT House fire. Box 3246. Staten Island NY ALL HANDS NEFN731
Zoom 19-6619 08-23-2019 8:45 EDT fire in the basement of a condo building. bloomfield CT W/F PCFN14
Zoom 19-6618 08-23-2019 7:48 EDT Units on scene of MVA (possible wrong way driver) w/ 1 fatality and other injured. Additional EMS units (M/A) requested. Richmond VT MVA W/FATAL NEFN67
Zoom 19-6617 08-23-2019 7:13 EDT Multi-vehicle MVA. I/C req 2 addl M/A EMS units from Cumberland and North Providence. *800/154.160* lincoln RI MVA W/ MULTIPLE INJRY NEFN1993
Zoom 19-6616 08-23-2019 5:58 EDT U/D structure fire. m/a to work and cover. (corrected address) bourne MA W/F PCFN14
Zoom 19-6615 08-23-2019 5:55 EDT structure fire. m/a to work and cover. bourne MA W/F PCFN14
Zoom 19-6614 08-23-2019 1:26 EDT Fdny o/s a/h’s transmitted for fire in a multiple dwelling dwh Brooklyn NYC ALL HANDS PCFN20
Zoom 19-6613 08-23-2019 1:24 EDT Afd o/s 2nd alm struck heavy fire in several row dwellings defensive ops master streams operating dwh Albany NY 2ND ALARM PCFN20
Zoom 19-6612 08-22-2019 22:06 EDT pd/fd/ems on scene of a person shot in the head. suspect is in custody. hartford CT SHOOTING PCFN14