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  NIC Date / Time Alert City State Type Dispatcher
Zoom 23-4133 09-21-2023 9:17 EDT U/D I/C reports fire in walls behind a generator on roof and top floor. Req additional ladder crew to roof. Bulk is K/D. Box 1573. Boston MA 1ST ALARM MA12
Zoom 23-4131 09-21-2023 9:01 EDT Crews have fire on roof of a highrise. Req incoming ladder cos bring metal saws to roof. Box 1573. Boston MA 1ST ALARM MA12
Zoom 23-4132 09-21-2023 7:12 EDT Fire in a one story free standing restaurant. Limited details HIRAM GA W/F GA881
Zoom 23-4130 09-21-2023 6:50 EDT U/D CMD Rpts the main body of fire appears K/D. Extensive overhaul underway. M/A workout and covering. Tewksbury MA 2ND ALARM MA691
Zoom 23-4129 09-21-2023 6:28 EDT C3 Tx the 2nd alarm for fire in a 1.5sty wdfrm ranch style dwelling. E2 making interior attack. Tewksbury MA 2ND ALARM MA691
Zoom 23-4128 09-21-2023 6:24 EDT E2 rpts smoke showing, fire in a 1.5sty wdfrm dwelling. Tewksbury MA 1ST ALARM MA691
Zoom 23-4127 09-21-2023 3:37 EDT U/D CMD Rpts a majority of fire has been K/D. Chasing some fire on C Side. ACW, PWH. Peabody MA W/F MA691
Zoom 23-4126 09-21-2023 3:00 EDT Smoke and fire showing from a 2.5sty wdfrm. 2nd alarm transmitted. Hartford CT 2ND ALARM MA691
Zoom 23-4125 09-21-2023 2:56 EDT U/D Interior rpts heavy fire in ceiling between Fl1 and 2. Smoke flames pushing from eves. M/A covering. Peabody MA W/F MA691
Zoom 23-4124 09-21-2023 2:42 EDT U/D Interior Rpts fire in basement K/D, now extended to Fl1, heavy smoke Fl2. Searches negative. ACW, DWH. Peabody MA W/F MA691
Zoom 23-4123 09-21-2023 2:29 EDT Heavy smoke showing from a 1.5sty wdfrm. Possible entrapment w/ conditions deteriorating. Peabody MA W/F MA691
Zoom 23-4122 09-21-2023 0:55 EDT Search underway in woods for person w/ head injury. Chesterfield NH SEARCH RI67
Zoom 23-4121 09-21-2023 0:19 EDT LAFD on scene w/heavy fire in residential structure. Defensive opns only at this time. Los Angeles CA 1ST ALARM RI67
Zoom 23-4120 09-20-2023 23:26 EDT Svcs on scene w/ unidentified odor. Residents advising of symptoms and being evaluated by EMS. Southington CT HAZMAT INCIDENT RI67
Zoom 23-4117 09-20-2023 23:06 EDT SFD on scene of 2 car MVA. Extrication opns underway for 1 pt. Spingfield MA MVA W/ ENTRAPMENT RI67
Zoom 23-4116 09-20-2023 22:41 EDT Convenience store held up by black male w/ handgun who fled, unknown means or direction. S. Attleboro MA ROBBERY MA12
Zoom 23-4114 09-20-2023 22:12 EDT Chatt River Rescue. Two in inflatable raft located on ATL side of river, being brought out and evaluated by Metro Ambu. ATLANTA GA WATER RESCUE GA881
Zoom 23-4113 09-20-2023 22:06 EDT Agencies O/S MVA w/ serious trauma. Medflight enroute. Falmouth MA MVA W/ SERIOUS INJ MA12
Zoom 23-4112 09-20-2023 21:57 EDT Fully involved cab of a tractor trailer. Rowley MA W/F MA288
Zoom 23-4119 09-20-2023 20:15 EDT Wrong Way van collided head on w/tractor trailer transporting industrial floor cleaner., forced temporary closure I-24 in both directions. Van driver pinned. complicated extrication. Chattanooga TN HAZMAT INCIDENT GA881
Zoom 23-4118 09-20-2023 19:36 EDT Two-dead in what apprears to be Murder Suicide. Media reports both victims in their 20's Hiram GA SHOOTING GA881
Zoom 23-4109 09-20-2023 19:01 EDT Agencies searching for missing 70 YO male. M/A in. Spofford NH MISSING PERSON MA12
Zoom 23-4108 09-20-2023 18:46 EDT 63 year old fell off of a lawnmower and was run over by the mower. Several digits amputated. Additional units requested for assistance. Haverhill MA TRAUMA MA288
Zoom 23-4115 09-20-2023 17:13 EDT 100 mph pursuit from Cherokee Co, Al ended with a serious crash. Multiple drugs and a gun was tossed during the chase. Suspect was arrested after a brief foot pursuit. #ChattoogaScanner SUMMERVILLE GA PURSUIT GA881
Zoom 23-4107 09-20-2023 12:59 EDT U/D Overturned boat with 4 POB. MSP reporting all parties are out of the water conditions unknown Salisbury MA WATER RESCUE RI27
Zoom 23-4106 09-20-2023 12:54 EDT Overturned boat with 4 POB. 3 rescued 1 still in water poss unresponsive. USCG Helo enroute. Salisbury MA WATER RESCUE RI27
Zoom 23-4105 09-20-2023 12:07 EDT Companies O/S with a food truck propane tank fire extended to a residential structure. Fire is K/D. 1 L/S/O. Woonsocket RI W/F RI222