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  NIC Date / Time Alert City State Type Dispatcher
Zoom 24-9083 06-21-2024 9:04 EDT 2" Natural Gas cut. Gas in Sewer System. Workers evacuated. Numerous streets closed. Atlanta GA GAS LEAK GA881
Zoom 24-9082 06-21-2024 6:54 EDT Heavy fire on arrival from a 3 story wood OMD. Dwh. Portland ME 3RD ALARM NH554
Zoom 24-9081 06-21-2024 4:25 EDT U/D Fire in a 2 stry wdfrm dwelling. Mutual aid to scene and coverage. Rockland MA 3RD ALARM RI27
Zoom 24-9080 06-21-2024 3:55 EDT Fire in a 2 stry wdfrm dwelling. Mutual aid to scene and coverage. Rockland MA 2ND ALARM RI27
Zoom 24-9079 06-20-2024 23:41 EDT Nypd has a level 1 mobilization for a person stabbed bronx NYC STABBING NY77
Zoom 24-9078 06-20-2024 23:26 EDT Fdny using 1&2 for li lon batteries on fire outside the building request hazmat Brooklyn NYC HAZMAT INCIDENT NY77
Zoom 24-9075 06-20-2024 22:53 EDT Smoke from a 3 bay garage at an apartment complex. 2 LSO, 1st alarm transmitted. Sanford ME 1ST ALARM MA691
Zoom 24-9074 06-20-2024 22:16 EDT Services o/s of a person shot aided is likely level 1 mobilization called Brooklyn NYC SHOOTING NY77
Zoom 24-9073 06-20-2024 22:03 EDT U/D On box 2-349, CMD rpts the fire is K/D, crews are checking for extension and overhauling. PWH. Newton MA 2ND ALARM MA691
Zoom 24-9072 06-20-2024 21:48 EDT On box 2-349, Fire extended into the walls and attic. 3 LSO. CMD arc a 2nd alarm. Newton MA 2ND ALARM MA691
Zoom 24-9071 06-20-2024 21:34 EDT Nypd o/s a person stabbed no perp info Brooklyn NYC STABBING NY77
Zoom 24-9070 06-20-2024 21:30 EDT On box 349, C2 Tx WF for fire on Fl2 of a 2.5sty wdfrm. Interior has fire K/D. PWH. Newton MA W/F MA691
Zoom 24-9069 06-20-2024 21:02 EDT Services o/s a person struck by vehicle unknown injuries north lindenhurst NY PEDESTRIAN STRUCK NY77
Zoom 24-9068 06-20-2024 19:11 EDT Pedestrian struck by an auto CPR in progress. Narragansett Rescue M/A North Kingstown RI PEDESTRIAN STRUCK RI27
Zoom 24-9067 06-20-2024 19:06 EDT U/D Interior Rptd a fire on Fl2. Fire is K/D, ACW checking for extension. Everett MA W/F MA691
Zoom 24-9066 06-20-2024 18:59 EDT EFD has Fire in a large 2.5sty wdfrm. 1 LSO, M/A in. Everett MA W/F MA691
Zoom 24-9077 06-20-2024 17:44 EDT W/F on a 32 x 30 1 sty shed ATLANTA GA W/F GA881
Zoom 24-9065 06-20-2024 16:49 EDT U/D WF/FIRE OUT/SEARCHES NEG./ CANCEL ASSIGN./HOLDING E8/L8,SQD1,T12,SAF9,BC1&2 Asheville NC W/F NC444
Zoom 24-9064 06-20-2024 16:37 EDT L8 O/S 1 STY RES, WF. E8 STRETCHING, RPTS OF PEOPLE TRAPPED. OPS ON FIRE 3. Asheville NC W/F NC444
Zoom 24-9063 06-20-2024 15:52 EDT Fire along the ceiling of a 1sty single wide mobile home. WF transmitted, M/A in. Rochester NH W/F MA691
Zoom 24-9062 06-20-2024 15:03 EDT U/D CMD Rpts the bulk of fire is K/D, ACW for overhaul. PWH. Gloucester MA 2ND ALARM MA691
Zoom 24-9061 06-20-2024 14:51 EDT Fire in a large 3sty wdfrm multi dwelling, 2nd alarm tx, M/A in. Gloucester MA 2ND ALARM MA691
Zoom 24-9060 06-20-2024 14:20 EDT U/D W/F assingment has been canceled Norwell MA W/F RI27
Zoom 24-9059 06-20-2024 14:13 EDT FD on scene car fire with extension to a dwelling. M/A to the scene and coverage Norwell MA W/F RI27
Zoom 24-9076 06-20-2024 13:56 EDT W/F in a 1 story abandoned auto shop. ATLANTA GA W/F GA881
Zoom 24-9056 06-20-2024 10:23 EDT Electrical fire in venthood system & duct work. Power shutoff, business evacuated. ATLANTA GA W/F GA881